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Artist Bio

Renee’ Edmonston is an fine artist, graphic designer, and 4th - 8th art teacher.  For over 20 years, Edmonston Studios has been representative of Renee's devotion to art and is driven by her appreciation of the little things in life.  Renee' seeks to offer inspiration to miniature enthusiasts, food art enthusiasts and fellow art instructors through her art studio, Edmonston Studios. 

Renee's miniatures and other artwork can be found in the Painted Pig Artisan Shop in Lovettsville, VA as well as in her online store.  She has sold her miniature paintings worldwide over the years.  Renee's current miniature projects are part of long term goal of building a large and unique collection of miniature works to eventually exhibit.

Renee' also creates highly detailed drawings for coloring pages for older students and adults.   As an art teacher, Renee' has always been dismayed with the simplicity of subject matter coloring pages in the market.  She seeks to give student and adults inspiration and enjoyment through her unique hand drawn highly detailed coloring pages.  They are intentionally created using high level detail for a unique beautiful art piece when completed.

Renee’ holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications.   She teaches visual fine arts full time at Loudoun Country Day School and offers inspiration to miniature enthusiasts, food art enthusiasts and art instructors through her art studio, Edmonston Studios.  Her past work experience includes successful roles with Montverde Academy, Universal Studios Orlando, Meltzer Group and multiple freelance projects including several museum prop acquisition projects through the Nassal Company.

Step inside the world of Edmonston Studios and get a glimpse of Renee's work.

Renee' has been sharing her passion for art through teaching. She has over 18 years combined classroom, training, and instructional teaching experience. Renee' shares her passion through workshops. Her workshops can range from traditional art, to food art, to not so normal application arts. All workshops are announced on her facebook page –www.facebook.com/edmonstonstudios