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Larger Art Gallery

Miniature art is by far my passion.  Miniature art is very special.  Not only are you constricted by the size of the space in which you create your art,  executing detail that most often is viewed through a magnifying glass is a true challenge and test of patience.  

Over the years as my passion for miniatures has grown, I have spent a bit of time researching and understanding this amazing art form.  Many people including artists who do not generally paint in miniature may not realize the history and basis of a miniature.  It is not just about the size of your canvas.  I tend to follow the general guidelines of the Association of Miniature Artists (AMA) which in a nutshell is creating art in a space of less the 25 square inches and scaling objects to 1/6th scale or smaller.  Many of my miniature paintings measure approximately 2" x 3" and tend to be in 1/12th scale.  My sculptures are generally 1/12th or 1/24th scale.