Edmonston Studios
Renee' Edmonston, Artist
Nothing soothes the soul like a great playlist and a blank canvas. -Edmonston
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For over two decades, Edmonston Studios has brought art to collections throughout the the United States.

Edmonston Studios has sold a combination of thousands of colored pencil and watercolor print art designs, collectable miniature sculptures, paintings, mixed media collage, drawings, and coloring pages created by Renee' Edmonston.

We offer a fine selection of original works and dtg printed products.

Edmonston Studios accepts commissions.

ABOUT ME, Renee' Edmonston

I am an illustration artist by night and 4th - 8th visual art teacher by day. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communications.  

For over 20 years, Edmonston Studios has been representative of my passion and love for art.  My favorite artist is Picasso simply because his form of expression was like no other. I strongly value the "dare to be different" theory in the creative process.  

I have sold my works of art in various forms worldwide for over 20 years and through various outlets. I have a passion for scale miniature paintings and sculptures and have also created hundreds of colored pencil illustrations and highly detailed coloring pages.  I have created many miniature paintings and a large collection of miniature scenes throughout my art 


July 20, 2021
My illustration characters are finding their way to fun DIY printable stationary sets.  Available in 6 piece sets and kids writing paper. 

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