Holiday Celebration Wood Block Sign Set "The Decoration Stays Out All Year!" 20 Blocks 12 Messages!Christmas New Years Summer Spring Fall Valentines Day Birthday Decorative Arts Original Art

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The Decoration You Never Have to Put Away! No need for a holiday bin to store this amazing collection block set. It can stay out all year and can be complimented with the joyous magic of miniature hand crafted holiday and seasonal sculptures!

Edmonston Studios Holiday Celebration Block set is a unique collection set of 20 hand painted and stamped 1" wood blocks designed to transform into 12 unique messages that highlight celebrations in the home throughout the year.

How do 20 blocks make 20 signs. In the second combo photo, the 20 blocks in the top photo spell all the sayings in the bottom left photo. Thats right! 20 blocks 12 sayings. Hard to imagine right???? Who doesn't love the idea of celebration decor that stays out all year long!!! They blocks are specially hand stamped using a formulated pattern so the tops and sides of each message is blank and no one knows the blocks make multiple messages. The extra blocks can easily be used as additional display space for decorative add on's.

Edmonston Studios creates decorative hand sculpted add on themed miniatures as seen in photos but are sold separately.

This Holiday Celebration Block Set Includes:

20 BLOCKS (1" Square Painted and Stamped)
12 MESSAGES (Includes Instructions for Creating Each Message)

Home Sweet Home
Happy Birthday
Hello Winter
Hello Spring
Hello Summer
Happy New Year
Be My Valentine
Happy Easter
Happy Halloween
Fall Harvest
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas

We have had many customers report how much fun they had creating their own personalized sayings as well.


As with all of our miniatures sculptures at Edmonston Studios, no molds, patterns are used. 100% Hand crafted by the artist.  

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